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bespoke, innovative & unique designs


About Us.

Eventchic Designs specializes in creating bespoke, innovative and unique designs by understanding clients’ needs and unsaid wishes. True craftsmanship

is at the heart of the creative process where we seamlessly realise and execute their dreams into

reality by creating elevated moments and experiences.

Established in 2015, Eventchic Designs was born to reinvent the world of luxury events by exceeding new standards. Every project is personalised to design experiences by learning about our clients unsaid wishes and getting to know each other throughout the process, going into every detail to make each event personalised whilst incorporating our clients' identity in every corner and executing the whole set up and flow from beginning to end to create an exceptional and cohesive event with lasting memories.



Our goal is to bring your dream into reality. From the very first moment and through extensive creative discussions, we strive to understand your unsaid wishes and desires. We then put together different elements for visual inspirations which starts giving physical shape to the final concept.



 Just like our clients, every event has its own character. This is portrayed in customized 3D renders, concept sketches, floor plans and layouts made by a team of highly skilled professionals. During the design process the fabric, decor and furniture gives shape to the theme & concept of the event. All of this is crafted by our team of designers who work tirelessly behind the scenes and throughout the entire process.



Events are not planned, they are designed. Just like a perfect design, meticulous planning is essential for the success of an event. With a strong hospitality focus, our experts synchronize all elements of your event from beginning to end, so you do not have to worry about anything left untouched. Part of our planning is to think about guest experience. Your event should be an experience within a perfectly choreographed flow.



On the day flawless execution is key. Our team is backed up by extensive experience and are always ready to execute to the highest of standards as well as the smallest of details. After all, no details are too small when you are looking to achieve perfection. Alternative solutions are seamlessly put in place when needed so that nothing is ever jeopardize. Cohesiveness and harmonious execution is what we achieve - every time.

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